Updates: May 8-14

This weekend I am going to Seattle for a girls weekend.  We do this once or twice a year.  I’m super excited because I haven’t bought clothes in about 4-5 months and I’m looking forward to picking up a few things while I’m down in the states!

Meanwhile, Brian is off to the Netherlands for a week long work-related conference.  Let’s all turn green with envy together.  Grr…

From a financial perspective – I am amazed at the wastefulness of his company.  Each staff member that is traveling gets his or her own room in a 5 star hotel!  Maybe it’s my university student roots talking, but is it really so bad to share a room with a co-worker?  Or at least have the option of sharing?  Surely that money would benefit the company elsewhere.

On to the clickables:

  • James writes in a meandering, scattered sort of way – but I’m a big fan nonetheless.  His writing is blunt, amusing and brutally honest.  In this blog, he talks about accepting fault.  Let’s face it, most of the time, it IS just your own damn fault.  Realizing that it is your fault is the first step to moving on.

These two are from Brian:

  • Being frugal in a relationship is a balancing act. Without clear communications, goals and a mutual understanding, living with less can destroy a partnership. Dave at Canadian Dream: Free at 45 talks about setting priorities with his wife and their system of saving for larger purposes. I think this is very important because in order to achieve your goals, both partners must buy in to the system and compromising ensures that everyone stays happy.
  • When I lived at home with my parents, our garage was filled with ‘stuff’. Things we no longer really needed, but couldn’t seem to ever get rid of. I wish that I had Joshua’s wisdom back then, so that I could have helped my family get rid of our ‘stuff’. I love the point he makes that we are so much more than our material possessions. Stuff can be replaced, YOU can’t!

Now that this is scheduled, I am off to Seattle!


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