Fruits, veggies and costs, oh my!

I love buying fruits and vegetables because they are so cheap compared to the amount you get!  This may seem contrary to popular media reports which expound on the “high” cost of fresh produce, but it’s really a matter of where you shop and when you shop.  Certainly, while I was in Orlando last year, it was definitely true that fruits and vegetables were expensive… but only because my shopping options consisted of Walgreens and convenience stores!

At home in Vancouver however, I am able to choose from a wide range of stores.  By far, the cheapest options are the local produce markets.  Many of these are owned or directly affiliated with local farms.  As such, the produce is often sourced locally, inexpensive, and fresher.  If you prefer service and presentation, by all means, go to your local Safeway.  But if you don’t mind picking your fruit out of cardboard bin displays and dodging over-enthusiastic old Asian ladies (being ethnically Asian, I say this somewhat affectionately!) then I would encourage everyone to support their local market.

The market I often go to is located directly beside my transit stop – no extra travel time required!  I also like the Kins Farm Market chain of stores for their consistent quality, improvement in service, and low prices.  They’re also very active in the community, which is a big plus!

Here’s what I bought this week:

Zucchinni at 59 cents/lb = $0.41
Braeburn apples at 79 cents/lb = $1.25 for 3 large apples
Oranges at 49 cents/lb = $0.89 for 3
Roma tomatoes at 49 cents/lb = $0.45 for 2
Bean sprouts at 79 cents/lb = $0.30 for a large handful
Green pepper at 49 cents/lb = $0.30 for one large
Red pepper at $1.49 cents/lb = $0.45 for a small one

A grand total of $4.05, approximately.  Combined with leftover fruit, carrots (2 lbs for $1.50), lettuce ($0.89 a bunch) and onions ($1 for a small bag) I had at home from the previous week, this took care of all of my fruit and vegetable needs for the week.  Much less than $10 for quite a variety and selection of items!

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