New job, new budget

new budget, new job, avoiding lifestyle inflation, adjusting
Brian and I are both starting new positions this May.  As a result, we’ve updated our budget!  I mentioned before how it was important for us to avoid lifestyle inflation and I think we’ve done that.  At the same time, we want to give ourselves room to enjoy a small bit of our success.  Our bills and rent stay the same, so there are only a few changes that needed to be made. Original...

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Updates: April 22 – 28

My two year adventure (ordeal?) is over!  Last Friday, I wrote my last exam for the second degree program that I was completing.  This past weekend, I’ve been doing absolutely nothing.  It has been glorious.  However, I’m also already starting to feel a little disgusted with my idleness.  Time to move on to new projects! There are a few things that Brian and I hope to accomplish over the...

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