Making Vacation Dollars Last – Chile

I sincerely believe that human beings turn into lemmings whenever summer comes around. And especially so during the high-peak vacation period. I understand the need to want to go on vacation during times of the year when the weather is optimally enjoyable. Still, over 100 million Americans will go on vacation in 2019.  Most people pay over $4,600 to go on vacation. Then, over 75% of those people...

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Airlines Probably Owe You $ For Disruptions – Know your Rights

How many of us have ever been delayed for a flight by an airline for multiple hours? And by multiple hours I mean over two or three? I have been flying for over 20 years and it has happened to me more than once. The helplessness that a passenger feels in such situations can be overpowering. Maybe we, as passengers, expect everything to go right when we enter an airport. But more often than not, they...

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The Financial Weight of a Road Trip

It’s officially summer. I have never been on a road trip, but it is on my to-do list. And I am mean like a long-term, living in the van kind of road trip for two weeks or more. It’s one of those things that I hate putting off because it becomes harder to realize the older that I get. Also, a road trip adventure with friends or family is what summers are made for anyway. However, the more I crunched...

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Traveler Wears 9 Lbs. of Clothing to Evade $85 Baggage Fee

Ever since I was 19, I have travelled to places like Hawaii, Australia, the former Czech Republic (now known as Czechia) Belgium, England, and a few other countries. I was so enthralled with assuming the identity of being a traveler, an adventurer, and someone willing to experience other cultures. Still, going to an airport is just a process of experiencing a system of open and hidden business transaction...

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