My Sony Walkman MP3

Sony Walkman MP3, mp3 player, listen to songs, walkman
Here’s my MP3 player.  Uh-huh… Are you all done laughing now?  My Sony Walkman is about three or four or five years old.  (I don’t even remember!)  I received it as a Christmas present after my previous Sony Walkman (a tube model that did not even have a picture screen) died.  It holds 4 gigabytes of music and in addition to providing hours of entertainment, has suffered dents...

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What to buy at the dollar store

the dollar store, dollar store, buying at the dollar store, what to buy at the dollar store, saving money, save money
I used to work in a dollar store.  It was my first retail job ever.  I wasn’t very good at customer service then: Customer: “This is terrible, blah blah blah blah…” Me: “Well… you’re welcome to leave.” Customer: “You can’t talk to me like that.  You think that because your father owns this store you can talk to me like that?  Blah blah...

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Coffee me

coffee, coffee at work, perks of coffee, coffee lover, coffee addict
My workplace does not have free coffee.  It is a little frightening. As a software developer, coffee is what creates code and keeps me happy.  No coffee = no code.  There’s a few options for coffee near by: Starbucks, Tim Horton’s, and the like.  Buying coffee from Starbucks every day adds up pretty quick.  Even a short drip coffee costs $1.75!  At 5 days a week, that’s $8.75…...

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Save money: Brew Beer! (Part 1)

brew beer, brew your own beer, beer in a glass, beer, alcoholic drinks, alcoholic beverage
British Columbia has the highest alcohol and liquor taxes in all of North America – A depressing thought, given that I work in the industry part time. On the bright side, this gives me access to a lot of great beer and wine that I wouldn’t necessarily have found otherwise. Unfortunately, good beer costs more! I’m now accustomed to drinking fine craft beer without the budget to...

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