15 Slow Cooker Recipes That’ll Make You Feel Like a Professional Chef

Do you know that the sale of slow cooker units increased by 65 percent in the U.S in 2018? Slow cooker recipes enable you to make a quick meal as you go about your other activities. Cooking can be very challenging, especially if you live alone. Slow cooker meals are the best if you don’t have much time to cook. Besides, most of them are suitable for your health. jQuery(window).load(function(){ ...

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National Ice Cream Day is Coming- How to Take Advantage

Superman’s natural weakness is kryptonite. My natural weakness is Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. I would betray national secrets for just a tablespoon’s worth of the stuff. Also, I am loath to admit to how much ice cream I can eat in one sitting. Over 40% of Americans eat one pint of ice cream in one sitting. Keep in mind that a pint is meant to feed four people. We all love ice...

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