3 Smart Ways to Start and Fund Your Business

Many people want to quit their jobs, fire their bosses, and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. However, most entrepreneurs don’t take into cognizance the financial requirements that a business will demand from its founder. Hence, many exciting business ventures tend to flounder and die before they’ve even had a chance to survive. In 2016, SBA statistics show that only 78% of businesses...

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How to Use a Bi-Weekly Budget to Meet Your Financial Goals

How do you budget for expenses and financial goals? It’s no secret that many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. While that’s not the best way to manage your money, you can make the most of it if you get paid bi-weekly. If you get paid bi-weekly, most of your bills are monthly and you set a little money aside as a checking account buffer, you can use a bi-weekly budget to your advantage....

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