Expensive Credit Card Needs Your Attention

The average credit card debt per household carrying card balances in the USA exceeds $15,000. Credit card companies are delighted because they make their money from charging a high rate of interest on that debt at the end of each month. Where would they be if everyone paid off their balances in full each month and used their credit cards purely out of convenience? The probable answer is that they would...

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6 Free Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Spouse

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When you get married it’s common for your relationship to change a bit. Life can seem busier and you may have some new responsibilities. However, one of the best pieces of marriage advice was to continue dating your partner no matter what your title is. I think it’s important to continue to make time for each other and often times that translates into an official date so you can give each...

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8 Ways to Save on a Night Out

Saving money doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to nights out. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or just wanting to catch up with friends, hitting the local nightlife scene every once in a while is a pleasure not even the most frugal of frugals should have to forego. Partying on a budget is easier than you might think, furthermore. You can make significant savings just by keeping...

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