How to Travel Hack with Credit Card Rewards Points

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Want to travel but don’t have the money to fund all the trips you’d like to take? Traveling is expensive and with the average trip or vacation costing around $1,145 or $4,580 for a family of four, it’s hard for people to squeeze that much money out of their budget each year to fund their travels. Travel hacking with credit card reward points and cashback has changed the way people view traveling...

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Past Lottery Winners Tell All: Why You Don’t Need to Play the Lottery to Win at Life

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If you won $5 million dollars from the lottery what would you do with the money? Would you buy a house? Pay off all your debt? Buy a new car for your mom? Donate to charity? Start a business? Winning the lottery is something many people fantasize about in the hopes that if it did happen, all of their financial and personal problems would be solved. Lottery winners who have millions of dollars shouldn’t...

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Money Saving Tips for College Students

college tips, money saving tips, saving money
It’s no secret that college is expensive. With tuition and fees averaging around $23,000 per year, it has become crucial that students save money wherever they can and try their best to avoid racking up student loans. College will probably not be the most glamorous time in your life, but just remember that you’re working toward a better future and a sustainable career. You should adopt frugal habits,...

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How to Create a Zero-Based Budget

zero-based budget, creating a budget, budgeting tips
How do you budget? Whether you’re dealing with debt, financially stable or financially independent, almost everyone has to consider how they will spend their hard earned money each month and that is where budgeting comes in. You might have heard financial guru Dave Ramsey praise the idea of having a zero-based budget again and again. The concept of a zero-based or zero-sum budget is simple. You want...

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