7 Money Saving Hacks for College Students

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College students are notoriously poor. Here are seven fairly easy hacks that save you tons of money annually and still boost fun and healthy living. Become a Specimen Image via Flickr by US Army Africa Lots of colleges need people for research projects. These paid jobs offer a lot of diversity and opportunity for college students to earn income. The amount you earn varies from one study to the next....

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Three Signs You Should Hire a Personal Virtual Assistant

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I used to belong to the school of thought that believed personal assistants were only hired by rich business people. Mainly because I figured they were the only type of person who could afford to pay a full-time assistant’s salary. My perspective started to change when I discovered virtual assistants and how cheap hiring one can be. A virtual assistant can cost just $4 per hour. The idea that...

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How Much Can be Saved with Sears Coupons?

Discounts and coupons were always good way to get more out of every shopping. Although shops have gone far from what they were ten or twenty years back, they still use all sorts of special offers to present their best discounts. Coupon shopping is still one of the best ways to spend less on many things and with sears shipping coupon, you will have the chance to do exactly this. Still buying almost...

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