Why Your Job Title is Making You Miserable

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It finally happened to me. I didn’t think the time would come – particularly this soon. After all, I’m only in my mid 20’s. Nevertheless, I found myself saying the old fogey phrase – “you’ll understand when you’re older” to my brother about a week ago when discussing career choices. He’s only three years younger than me mind you. Yet for the...

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Three Documentaries on Poverty in America to Change Your Perspective

poverty in America, documentary, documentary on poverty
Have you ever had one of those days… When you feel a little down about your money situation? When you feel less positive about reaching big financial goals? Or envious of the career or income of someone around you? I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there at least once – felt that sense of self-doubt that everyone else is doing well and you’re just getting by. After all,...

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4 Safety Tips Every Uber User Should Know

safety tips, uber driver, uber passenger
Have you considered riding with UberX car service to save cash? Or thought about joining UberX as a driver to earn side money? You’re not alone. Tons of people are doing it. Uber employs hundreds of thousands of drivers, sales quadruple each year, and it’s worth $18 billion. Not bad for a start-up app launched just 4 years ago with luxury cars and SUVs branded as “everyone’s...

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