Making a power play at work

Power play at work, ambition
In the software development industry, things can change fast.  Usually, it’s just projects and deadlines that change, but sometimes it’s personnel changes as well.  A recent wave of personnel changes has recently triggered a lot of upheaval in my department at work.  Two of our main back-end developers quit, two new people started and the whole team got shuffled around to different work...

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Updates: Nov 10 – 16

winter, staying indoors, blog reads, Nov 10 - 16,weekend ski getaway, ski trip, ski resort
With the holiday on Monday, it was a fast and furious week! Sorry to our Ontario readers who don’t get Nov 11 off, but at least winter break is not far off – and the weather is starting to act like it. Combat the frosty temperatures by staying in doors and curling up with some great blog reads! Photo Credit via Flickr   Suburban Finance looks at choosing your method of payment –...

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Choosing my new phone company (Telus vs. Wind)

Hidden cell phone phone fees,phone bills, choosing my new phone, phone bills
Living in Canada, expensive cell phone plans are the norm. For the past three years, I’ve paid approximately $70 including tax for my plan with Telus Mobility. It makes me cringe to read about some of the things you can do down in the US, like Mr. Money Mustache’s $10 iPhone plan. However, we do what we can. The last time I renewed my contract with Telus, various discount carriers such...

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Understanding home insurance

home insurance, understanding home insurance, policies
With two properties, one of which is a rental, Brian and I have to deal with a lot of insurance.  It’s kind of a pain, but a necessary pain.  There was a point in my life where I had ZERO insurance – as a student and a renter just a few years ago, I didn’t see the need for the extra cost of insurance on an already lean budget. Well, an apartment fire and loss of my apartment sure...

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