Recipe Idea: Slow cooker pulled pork

Slow cooker pulled pork, pork shoulder, pork sale, pork shoulder sale
Having the most frugal grocery budget in the world isn’t going to help you any if you can’t put together at least a few healthy, tasty, and cheap eats! Every few weeks, The Outlier Model features a cheap recipe idea, along with the cost breakdown. A few months ago, we happened to hit an amazing sale on pork shoulder. The store was out for the day on our usual grocery shopping day, so I sent Brian...

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Updates: July 21 – 27

local fireworks competitions, birthday celebration, personal financial blogs, financial blogs to read
This weekend, we’re celebrating CF’s birthday! There are a ton of events on so we’re checking out a shakespeare play, followed by the local fireworks competitions. Should be a great time and hope everyone has a great weekend! Photo Credit via Flickr Here are some of my favourite posts from the week! I was really sad when I read that Timmy the cat was no longer with us. I’d...

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Opting into my employee stock plan

employee stock plan, investing
Readers might remember that back in February, I decided not to sign up for my employer’s stock purchase plan.  Well, I have another chance to sign up because the next intake has just begun! Photo Credit: diane10981 via Flickr My company’s Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) offers the following: contributions of between 2 and 10% of your annual salary 15% discount on the market price...

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Repair or Replace the Fridge?

Replace the Fridge, refrigerator problems, ref, refrigerator, freezer, home appliance
A few days ago, my fridge stopped working.  First the freezer stopped freezing things reliably, then the whole fridge had cooling issues.  All this while Vancouver had temperatures in the mid-to-high 20s!  Needless to say, Brian and I lost most of our food stash and the stuff that we did cook didn’t taste quite right. Photo Credit: hankinsphoto via Flickr While we were waiting for the technician...

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