If You’re Thinking About Building, Consider These 10 Hidden Costs of Tiny Homes

My husband and I enjoy our summer road trips together. Along the way, we have noticed many fellow travelers pulling tiny homes with them. Since we are becoming more frequent travelers, we’ve often discussed whether a tiny home would be a smart financial move. However, after learning about these 10 hidden costs of tiny homes, we are reconsidering our plans. 10 Hidden Costs of Building Tiny Homes With...

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7 Cheapest Sports to Help You Get Active Without Breaking the Bank

Cheapest Sports to Help You Get Active Without Breaking the Bank
With the weather warming up, many people are looking for ways to get outside and get active. However, taking up a new sport or hobby can be expensive. But before you invest a small fortune, consider these 7 cheap sports that can help you get active without breaking the bank. 7 Cheap Sports to Help You Get Active Without Breaking the Bank 1. Hiking With the promise of summer just around the corner,...

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Rural Internet Options in the Middle of Nowhere

Rural Internet Options When You Live in the Middle of Nowhere
If you have ever lived in the country, then you probably remember the pain of antennas for your TV and dial-up internet. Although telecommunications has come a long way, there are still issues with rural internet options. Over the last few months, here’s what we’ve learned about getting internet access when you live in the middle of nowhere. The Challenges of Rural Internet Providers My...

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10 Red Flags That the Company You’re Interviewing With Is Toxic

10 Red Flags the Company You're Interviewing With Is Toxic
Although I am not currently in the interviewing hot seat, recently I have had a strange reintroduction and am seeing just how much corporate America has changed in a post-pandemic world. As I have been helping my younger brother prepare and navigate the job search, I’m seeing that it is much more difficult than it used to be. And, many promising opportunities turn out to be nothing more than...

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