To buy or not to buy… baking utensils

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Although I’ve always done a lot of cooking, I’ve been doing more baking lately.  Baking – pastries, tarts, and the like – always seemed a bit frivolous to me since it’s not really part of a nutritious “diet”.  But I’ve come to discover that bringing the occasional tray of baked goods to work, meetings and other gatherings is a very economical way to make a lot of people happy. I’ve...

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Update: Sept 11-17

This week has been busy busy busy! I’ve been trying to stay on top of school work, work work, and applying for post-school-work and Brian has been away on business (*shakes fist*). It’s really helped that we’ve set a routine to deal with un-routine weeks like these. The cleaning still gets done because Brian knows what days he’s cleaning, and can reschedule and communicate...

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Is university the answer?

Studentdebt_volunteerism, innovative crowdfund, university education , graduation, college, university
With just over four months to go until my student loan is paid off, I can’t help but wonder – was my university education worth it? The idea of a university degree has an element of romance about it and “higher education” has an indisputable lure to it. But does it pay off?   Photo Credit: Xiaobo Song via Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/skobo/4345704586/) The university...

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Easy moving tips – Packing!

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I move every year or two, generally to save money, other times due to misfortune (eg. building fire).  Indeed, I like moving!  I like the sense of change and the chance to purge my life of a bit more stuff.  Some people don’t like moving due to the expense, the transitory state, and the effort. I’ve gotten pretty good at moving though and it usually cost me very little money, doesn’t...

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