Grocery budget motivation

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Here’s another round of grocery motivation for you $100/month grocery haters.  😉 As a reminder, Brian and I budget $100 per month per person.  This is our second shop of the month, so I took out $100 to spend.  Here’s what we got for almost exactly $50: Photo Credit: Original photo by D Sharon Pruitt http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinksherbet/sets/72157610551917961/ First we hit up...

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Updates: February 26 – March 3

CF and I just got back from a Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival event. The theme of the event was “Argentina” so we spent the afternoon grazing on Argentine inspired cuisine and various wines from the region. Sounds pricey, and it is. However, we are always trying to do what you love for less. To cut the costs of this event, I’ve spent the last two evenings volunteering...

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$100 grocery budget not enough for Vancouver area politician

$100 grocery budget, grocery budget, survive on $100 grocery budget, real food
A local MLA in the local Greater Vancouver area, Jagrup Brar, has been blogging about surviving on the welfare allowance of $610 a month.  It’s a publicity stunt of course – this man is a well paid public employee who unlike many welfare recipients, has no mental health issues and a loving family to return home to at the end of his adventure.  While the blog is interesting for some of...

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Update: July 16-22

While the rest of the country suffers through a heat wave (a friend told me that with the humidity, it feels like 48 degrees Celsius in Toronto right now), Vancouver is a comfortable and sunny 19 degrees. It’s going to get toasty at 24 degrees tomorrow – I’m going to take the opportunity to get some exercise and go for a bike ride. I have been inspired by the Schleck brothers performance...

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