10 Most Useless Degrees in Today’s Job Market

College can feel like a fairytale – pick your major, find your dream job, and live happily ever after! Well, if only it were that easy. When it comes to actual job prospects, some degrees might be more “stepmother” than “prince charming.” So, how do you tell which ones are which? We’ve compiled a list of majors that might require a little extra planning and hard work but could still spark your passion and fuel your future.

Culinary Arts

Culinary school can be a pricey detour. A 2023 National Restaurant Association survey found that most restaurants value experience over a degree when hiring cooks.

Fashion Design

The glamour of fashion might fade fast. A recent study by Georgetown University found that fashion design grads have some of the highest student loan burdens, with a tough time landing high-paying jobs in the competitive industry.


The ad world is getting ad-blocked. A 2022 Pew Research Center survey suggests that traditional advertising is losing ground, with many companies shifting their focus to digital marketing, which often requires different skill sets.

Liberal Arts (General Studies)

Feeling undecided? A general liberal arts degree can be a great foundation, but it might lack the specific skills employers crave. A 2021 study by the American Enterprise Institute suggests focusing on a major with clear career paths can give you an edge.


There’s more to music than meets the degree. While a music degree fosters passion and talent, a 2023 Burning Glass Technologies report indicates a saturated musician job market. Consider pairing your music skills with business or education for a broader career scope.

Performing Arts (Drama, Theater)

The spotlight might be dimmer than expected. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects slower-than-average job growth for actors and performers. Consider the dedication and perseverance required for success in this competitive field.

Creative Writing

Struggling to get your novel published with a creative writing degree? A 2022 Daring Authors report indicated that most writing careers require strong marketing and business insight and creativity. Consider a minor or coursework in publishing or entrepreneurship.

Graphic Design (without specialization)

A broad degree might leave you out of focus. While graphic design is in demand, the job market increasingly favors specializations like UX/UI design or motion graphics, according to a 2023 AIGA survey.


Love the past but struggle with the present job market? A history degree equips you with research and analysis skills, but a 2021 Indeed survey suggests history majors might need to showcase these skills in unexpected fields like data analysis or paralegal work.


Pondering life’s mysteries might not pay the bills. Philosophy majors gain valuable critical thinking skills, but a 2022 Georgetown University study shows they often face challenges translating those skills into well-paying jobs. Consider a double major or minor in a field like business or law.


Understanding cultures is fascinating, but the job market might be niche. Anthropology grads possess valuable social science skills, but according to a 2023 Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges survey, many find work in research or teaching positions that can be competitive.

Sports Management

The thrill of the game might not translate to career stability. Sports management offers a glimpse into the industry, but a 2022 National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics report highlights the vast number of applicants for a limited number of high-paying sports management jobs.

Turf Management

While maintaining beautiful lawns might be idyllic, a 2023 Society of American Lawns survey suggests a saturated market for turf management professionals. Consider specializing in sustainable landscaping or arboriculture for a competitive edge.

Recreational Therapy

Helping others through leisure activities is a noble pursuit, but a 2022 American Therapeutic Recreation Association report highlights the need for strong clinical skills alongside recreational therapy degrees for better job prospects.

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