International Business Tax | How It Works

International business tax laws are administered by governments around the world to outline how business is conducted for foreign companies. These decisions can include job creation, plant locations, and other long-term transactions. All countries can tax any income that is brought in by corporations that operate in multiple countries. The United States has a specific tax on all income that companies...

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How Does Artwork Affect Real Estate Prices?

Murals are increasing real estate values
  Sixty-four thousand years ago, Neanderthals began carving and painting images on cave walls. Paintings and statues are found in every home and public building today. But, how does artwork affect real estate prices? The Math is Tricky When you ask, “How does artwork affect real estate prices?” It is hard to find specifics. However, real estate agents and developers agree that art improves...

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A Simple Strategy For Personal Debt Relief and Economic Recovery

While the United States economy appeared on a trajectory of unstoppable economic growth, the pandemic collapsed this unprecedented era of expansion. Although much of the economic downturn that followed in 2020 was blamed on the lockdowns and the ensuing collapse of businesses and the rise of unemployment, there is much more to the story. The pandemic didn’t create a debt crisis, but only uncovered...

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