What Are Good Collectibles to Invest In?

Collectibles to Invest In
An investor without objectives or strategy is like a going on a road trip without directions. You must know the market you are investing in and how to profit. Otherwise, you will just get lost. The collectibles market is a good place to start. So, what are the right collectibles to invest in for your needs? What you must keep in mind is that the buyers of collectibles are investing in nostalgia. You...

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Silver Bars vs. Silver Coins: Which Is Better to Buy?

We are living in uncertain times when it comes to the economy and our finances. This is the time to diversify your financial portfolio. One of the best ways to invest is with precious metals. While gold has been a long favorite, it is also wise to invest in silver. But when it comes to investing in silver, you are unsure of whether to choose silver bars vs coins. How do you know which one to buy?...

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2 Money Mistakes Keeping You in a Debt-Cycle

Did you know that the average person owes over $90,500 in debts? That is because debt is a like a viral financial mindset. The average person mired in debt can only create money by generating more debt. This is a debt-cycle mindset created and perpetuated by desperation and complacency. I am not judging you. I have been broke, homeless, and it took me a decade to learn I had fostered a debt-cycle...

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What Are Credit Repair Services and Why Should I Use Them?

Not many people think or consider their credit history until they need to borrow money. It could be a new house or apartment they want to own or rent. It could be to apply for a credit card with great benefits. It could also be to apply for a loan. When you fail to repay or have a large amount of debt, it looks bad to future creditors. Over 50% of Americans who try will fail to get approval from lenders...

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