How to Save Money When Shopping for Clothes


Confession time.

I love shopping. While I’m pretty good with saving my money and limiting my spending to needs instead of wants, occasionally I’ll go on an all-out shopping spree.

One of the reasons I don’t feel too badly about the occasional shopping spree is that I never pay full price for anything. Really. And you shouldn’t either.

These are some of my best tips on how to save money when shopping for clothes.

Download coupon apps.
There are too many to list, but coupon apps for your tablet or smartphone like Retail Me Not, the Coupons App, Clothing Coupons Fashion Deals, and Coupon Sherpa gather up deals and offers and combine them into one convenient app. Just pull the coupon up when you checkout or enter the code online. Some specific stores offer promotion codes as well. You can view old navy 2016 promotion code as well as other store-specific codes on the company’s website.

Sign up for clubs and mailing lists.
Think twice before you decline to enter your email address at checkout or say “no thanks” when the clerk asks you if you want to sign up for a free rewards program. Most clothing stores have rewards programs that  send you coupons or track your spending for gift cards or rewards. It’s basically free money.

Keep in mind that signing up for a credit card and signing up for a rewards card are two different things. One will save you money; the other will lure you in with the promise of 25% off your first purchase, then trap you with a high interest rate on purchases you may not have been able to afford.

Sell your gently used clothes.
Before you go clothes shopping, take inventory of your closet and gather up anything you don’t wear anymore (or forgot you even owned). Then, sell them. Secondhand shops will often give you cash on the spot. It may just be a few dollars for each piece of clothing, but it’s  more than you’d make from it sitting unused in your closet. You can also try ebay or even have a garage sale. Use the money you make to put towards your next shopping trip.

Comparison shop.
You’re out shopping and you find the perfect pair of shoes. Before you snatch them up, do a quick search on your smartphone for the same brand and style. Unless you have a great coupon or there’s a major sale, chances are you’ll find the exact same shoe online for less.

Once again, you can use apps to help you with this. RedLaser and ShopSavvy are two price comparison apps that let you scan the barcode or SKU of an item, then tell you where you’ll find it for less.

If you’re paying full price when you shop, you’re paying too much! What are your tips to save money when shopping for clothes? Let us know in the comments.





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