I can haz jobz?

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In two more months, I will be finished with school for the second time in my life.  And not a second too soon! It’s easy to start wondering: What’s next?  Well, in my program, there’s a lot of competition for hiring graduates.  In fact, many of my fellow students started interviewing for jobs as early as November of last year!  I’ve had a total of 12 interviews for 6 companies....

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I got a BBQ!

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Brian and I used to have a little portable BBQ but it was stolen while we were living in good old East Vancouver. Since then, we’ve moved a few times and have not lived in a building with outdoor space. At our current location however, we have a HUGE balcony that’s just asking for a BBQ. I love BBQ’d foods. I’ve been searching for a BBQ for a few months now and conveniently,...

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Updates: March 4 – 10

I’ve been on a bit of a productivity kick lately; I find that I spend so much time planning and organizing my tasks that it’s tough to get down to the real work. To be productive and get things done, you need to be able to focus whole-ly on the task at hand without having to think or keep track of the other projects or tasks you have going on. Enter David Allen’s book “Getting...

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Cost and benefit of grad school

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Here’s a timely tool which coincides nicely with part one my jobs in science series.  It’s a grad school calculator, presented by the LearnVest website.  It’s very simple and dumbed down, but gives you an idea of the costs of grad school in terms of lost wages, student loans, and potential income.  You enter your current income, your future income, the costs of tuition, etc. and...

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